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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bus operator Abellio flew to Poland to recruit 50 new London Bus drivers claiming they could not find any suitable English candidates!

The article below from the Daily Mail shows two things. One is that big foreign owned businesses cannot be trusted to make decisions which are either in our People's or in our Country’s interests. The second is that individual English people need to take up some of the fight themselves personally.

The selection process described seems clearly to be illegally discriminatory contrary to the Equality Act 2010.

Any English person who applied and was properly qualified and yet who did not get the job should be taking their case to the Employment Tribunal.

Also anyone who would like a bit of extra money who is also properly qualified should be applying for these jobs and then when refused taking Abellio to the Employment Tribunal.

As a specialist litigation solicitor I would be delighted to help professionally!

Here is the article:-

“Bus firm flew bosses to Poland to hire 50 foreign drivers after claiming they could not find Brits to fill the jobs

2.46 million Britons on the dole... but company still goes abroad for workers

Emerges days after Home-office sponsored groups says immigrants ARE taking British jobs

By Daily Mail Reporter
31 May 2013

Bus operator Abellio flew to Poland to recruit 50 new drivers claiming they could not find any suitable British candidates'

A UK bus operator flew bosses to Poland to recruit 50 new drivers despite there being 2.6million people on the dole in the UK.

Abellio, a subsidiary of the Dutch state rail operator, claimed it could not find suitable British candidates to work on routes in central and South West London.

The firm went on a massive recruitment drive in former Soviet country to expand its workforce. They claimed that there were 'no suitable' Britons.

But a current employee at the transport giant said he knew a number of friends who had been interviewed for the posts - and turned down.

'The Routemaster will soon be back in the capital. What a shame if British drivers miss out on the chance to drive it,' the driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Sun.

An Abellio spokesman said: 'In order to supplement recruitment in the UK we held an open day in Poland where 51 experienced bus drivers were recruited.

'We are not aware of any occasion where a suitable candidate has been turned away.'

The Polish drivers, some of whom have already started work, will be paid £10.60 an hour for the first two years at which point it will increase to £11.50.

There are currently 2.64 million unemployed people in Britain. Critics would suggest that any number of these would have been suitable candidates to drive the iconic buses.

The revelation comes as it was revealed that 160,000 Britons have missed out on employment because work was taken by foreigners.

It is of interest that on Abellio's website there is the following statement:-

Abellio operates public transport contracts in Europe, while working in partnership every day to consistently exceed passengers’ and stakeholders’ expectations. Every day, we deliver rail and bus services to over 1 million passengers in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic. Our parent company, Netherlands Railways, has a concession for operating the core rail network in the Netherlands. Abellio was established to acquire and operate passenger transport services outside the Netherlands. We want to become an owning group which is recognised across Europe for our excellence in customer service and our co-operation with stake-holders and industry partners.

Here is the link to their website

Don't tell Abellio about it, but if you know anyone who could "take them to the cleaners" let them know of their claim!


  1. I wonder if Netherlands Railways are state-owned , like Electricite de France, EDF, who are screwing us in this country thanks to the privatisation of our utility companies and selling them off to foreigners who really don't care a monkeys about us; well I suppose we would do the same to them. The French now own Kielder Water which must have cost us millions to build.

    I just caught the headline of the Daily Express to the effect that at last the British have had enough of the immigration invasion. Presumably this refers to the arrival of the Bulgarians and Romanians (including the Roma) who will flood in next year like the Poles. Labour and the Lib Dems don't want to do anything and the Conservatives say they can't. Hopefully more Tories will do as they have done over gay marriage and vote with their feet, hopefully some in our direction.

    Jon Bercow, the speaker, the son or grandson of an immigrant himself, tells us that foreigners do a better job than we do. Well, if I were a Pole and earning the equalivalent of four times what I was earning back home then I would probably do a good job for that sort of money. However, now we have the Dutch bringing in Poles. I wonder what would happen if a British company did the same in Holland? Holland seems now on the verge of chucking out their muslims. Perhaps we could send them some of our Poles and their immigrants from the Horn of Africa whom they were happy to see leave to come here.
    The Italians are paying their Africans to leave and go to Germany or is it here as well?

  2. P.S. Have just realised Abellio own or part-own our local trains. Never realised they were Dutch but I might have known they were not British. Do we own any train operating companies any more apart from the rocking Virgins? As my non-driving brother says, may John Major rot in hell for privatising the railways. I think he probably believes he has now succeeded where Margaret Thatcher is concerned.

  3. The speaker of the House of Commons says that Eastern Europeans work harder than British workers. Apart from the fact that he should be kicked out of his job for breaking the rule that the speaker is non partisan, why isn't he charged with racism? You would be if you said British people work harder than immigrants. British workers operate the most efficient car plant in Europe. Invest in British workers and make working worthwhile and they are just as good as anyone else. It is ridiculous to say you can't recruit bus drivers locally. They aren't trying hard enough. The whole country has been flogged off to foreigners who don't give a damn about us.

    1. Do you mean that British workers, i.e., immigrants from the Commonwealth, are as demoralised as English workers?

    2. there has never been anything wrong with the "English" worker. We do and always have bred poor management and worse politicians though. As Hitler said "give me the British soldier and German officers and I will conquer the world"

  4. The real scandal is the wage that they are being offered. Would you work in London for that pittance?

    1. Here in the back of beyond it seems like a fortune; but that just shows how the foreign billionaires in London have shoved up the cost of living there. As for the Poles, they normally sleep ten to a room and send all the money home and as I have said it would be the equivalent of £40 an hour back home. That is still just over half what our county council chief executive gets so it must be small beer.

    2. I have to. My state pension is £120 per week!!!!!!

    3. To (7 June)
      If the Polish ppl normally sleep ten to a room just show me where are the places like that. I'm Polish and I've been in the UK for over 5 years and never met the places like that and the ppl like u describe above. Never ever.
      If the Romanian or Bulgarian come here u will say they sleep for 20 or 50 to a room cos they're even more poore than Polish.

  5. And where are the unions in all of this? It sounds as though more transport workers should join the Workers of England union, the only union that puts English workers first. At the same time they could join and vote for English Democrats, the only party that puts England first.

  6. I have just looked up Abellio on Wikipedia. They are a subsidiary of Nederlandse Spoorwegen ( Dutch Railiways ) which is government-owned, hence nationalised. Makes you want to ........I expect they will be buying Royal Mail as well. Come back British Railways all is forgiven, as my brother says, at least you weren't chucked out onto a bus in the early hours at the week-end. And their catering was second to none!!? Still, if the French, the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Germans etc can run first class nationalised railways then I am sure we could as well.

    1. We DO on the East Coast Mainline, where there is a nationalised (DOR) railway company which is under the Secretary of State for Transport.
      Now it is back in the black, making a profit for the country (having failed in private hands), the government intends to sell it off.

    2. Abellio must be salivating at the prospect of getting their hands on that one as well.

    3. The Dutch Railways are NOT nationalised. They are a private company with the Dutch Government owning 100% of the stock.

      Small difference but yet a difference.

  7. To Robin Tilbrook. We, Polish never have been a Soviet country!!!!!!
    If u don't know the history just learn or shut up before u write or say something!!!!

    1. 'Interesting' reaction Anonymous. I haven't said that you were Soviet, but since you seem to want to make something of it I would point out that you were subject to the Soviets for 50 years

    2. And if Ed Milliband's grandfather had go his way that would have been 75 years!

    3. You didn't? Really?
      "The firm went on a massive recruitment drive in former Soviet country to expand its workforce. They claimed that there were 'no suitable' Britons."
      We have been under Soviet occupancy for 50 years since 1939 and under German occupancy for many years but it still was Poland. Not the Soviet country.

    4. If you read my article you will note that I have quoted a Daily Mail Article. Having said that I don't really disagree with the author. While the whole of prewar Poland didn't become part of the Soviet Union (part did) nevertheless all was under the Soviet system of Communist dictatorship.

  8. they cant employ polish drivers there aint none only aimers put them in a tight spot there rubbish give them a wide straight road they will sit in the middle and aim the bus just like there truck drivers do.

  9. Makes me sick as a truck driver I work very hard for little money and away from home for weeks at a time, England is a toilet and sewer that is riddled with corrupt politicians only interested in what they can get.
    My wages work out less than £3:50 ph
    on a 21 hr day and guess what I'm English and I work for an English company.

  10. Please help us pal I'm English born and bread and thiis company have discriminated against me by not employing me I even bus there driving assessment and interview so where is the problem I've 10 year bus experience

  11. They have just employed another 90 and no criminal record checks!!!!

  12. I am management and we recruit from abroad because we know they will not be with us long and we can always keep them on a lower rate of pay and eventually get rid of a long time workers they are easier to manipulate than the ethnic workers